Comments from 2017, Inner Journey Outer India.

"This was the journey of a lifetime. There was an incredible group and it was boundless adventure. The places, we stayed in, as organized by Alexis Kriel,  were beyond the realm…fabulous. I loved the spiritual ideas we played with. I would do it again. What did I take away: Life is a journey! "
-Anne Pierson

"I loved it all: The variety and richness of food, activities, location and human connection; the beautiful framing of experiences by Helena’s creative, thought-provoking and spiritual writing explorations; and Wayne’s yoga and meditation which so powerfully heightened mindfulness of all in a perfect compliment.

What was put in motion in India remains with me still..."
- Shellan Isakson

"I LOVED India.  The journey was a great mix of city, country, nature.  I especially loved the places we stayed in.  The itinerary, designed by Alexis  was fabulous. I loved the yoga and the ideas presented by Helena in anticipation of the next day's events were invaluable to my appreciation of everything.  There is SO MUCH to see, hear, do, experience - Helena helped me understand how to get the most out of each day. I would do it again in a heartbeat."
-Lyn Ayal

Comments from Helena Kriel's Passage to India 2015 trip

"Helena designed the most incredible writer’s adventure. She worked her ass off each day to lead and engage us creatively. The trip was everything I wanted it to be, except it just didn’t last long enough! Since India, I've been writing like a maniac and it feels glorious."
-Jami Powell, essayist

"This trip challenged the way I see the world and what I see in it. My life is richer, for I have added colors, friends, impressions, new tastes and experiences, as well as renewed determination to write. I would follow Helena anywhere! This was a life-long dream come true."
- Katerina Stoykova-Klemer, poet

"Day to day as we traveled, Helena kept us going, reminding us how and why we came to be creative people. I will forever be amazed at Helena’s endurance and positive influence and I thank her for the gifts, both tangible and intangible."
-Angela Elles, poet

"Helena navigates you through India in such a magical and inventive way. Unexpected surprises, incredible day trips to fascinating places, stimulation, fun and the best guides in India. Highly recommend going on one of these fantastic creative adventures."
-Jenni Brown Greenberg, makeup artist

Quotes from Wayne's Students

"Wayne’s yoga class is the highlight and reward of my day/week/month. He is of incredible service to everyone who is smart enough to participate."
Mollie Q. Vehling, UCLA Spirit Director

"Wayne brings consciousness to his classes and holds the space for us to be present to receive physical/emotional/mental release. He is a truly gifted teacher and teaches in a way that is in keeping with how yoga was intended to be practiced."
Pamela Chionis, Owner Sedona Yoga

"Wayne is one of the few yoga teachers left in the world who truly understand the principles of yoga. A teacher like Wayne comes around once in a lifetime (I've practiced everywhere!). After Wayne's class, I remember why I do yoga."
Dina Zaphiris, Dog Trainer to the Stars

"Wayne is a Kick Ass Angel who inspires you to ‘wake up’ from your spiritual amnesia and remember who you are at a deep soul level."
Stella Davies, Reiki Master


Early bird special! (Payable by July 15)

For twin (shared) occupancy: $2,725

For single occupancy: $3,100

Full price (After July 15th)

For twin (shared) occupancy: $2,975

For single occupancy: $3,350

For single room in Delhi before departure: $30 per person

The above pricing is based on 15-20 people traveling together sharing five twin or single rooms.

Trip cost does not include international travel.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 per person will be required by the 31st of July to secure your place. We have special hotels in our itinerary and they book up! It is important to book them asap.

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